We handle raw materials from a wide variety of recycling streams from different industries. As the antenna company of Envipro Holdings, we bring both materials from our group, as well as from our extensive network of global business partners, to customers overseas and in the Japanese domestic market. Our diverse team of experts from various backgrounds works on redistributing these resources globally to contribute to realizing optimum material recycling goal of the Envipro Holdings Group.

Raw Materials

Ferrous scrap is a valuable recyclable material in Japan where natural resources are limited. Scrap generated from demolition works and factories are properly processed and recycled and used by domestic and overseas steel manufacturers.

Recycled scrap is supplied to various countries through our domestic and international networks. We use our own logistics network which enables us to supply from large vessels to small lot container shipments in order to meet customers’ needs.

We have 10 domestic stock yards for collection of ferrous scrap. We have operators in each yard who can control the quality and timing of when scrap arrives. Through this system we have consistently received high evaluation from our customers.

We have processing factories in our group company, which enable us to handle demolition works. In addition, we have also developed an effective recycling system for end-of-life vehicles and home appliances with our group companies in accordance with the “End-of-life Vehicle Recycling Law” and “Home Appliance Recycling Law” in Japan.

In order to construct global supply chains, we also target to handle new materials and expand off-shore businesses.

  • Ferrous Raw Materials 01
  • Ferrous Raw Materials 02
  • Ferrous Raw Materials 03


Non-ferrous metal scrap such as aluminum, stainless steel and copper are recyclable resources that can be re-used by melting. We collect non-ferrous metal scrap, and sort them by type and shape using our own segregation technology in Econecol and other group sites. These products are then supplied as raw materials to domestic and overseas customers by the Newscon team.

  • Mix Metals

    We collect and sort non-ferrous shredder fractions from Japanese domestic auto-shredders in accordance with our customers’ requirements. These raw materials are supplied to both Japanese domestic and overseas customers.

    • Aluminum Mix (ISRI: ZORBA)

      Aluminum Mix (ISRI: ZORBA)

    • Stainless Mix (ISRI: ZURIK)

      Stainless Mix (ISRI: ZURIK)

  • Aluminum Scrap

    We supply aluminum scrap to domestic and overseas aluminum producers such as Automotive Die Casting ingot manufacturers, sheet producers and the extrusion billet industry. Materials we handle include extrusions, UBC and shredded aluminum.

    • Aluminum Scrap 01
    • Aluminum Scrap 02
  • Stainless Steel Scrap

    • We collect and sort stainless steel scrap at stock yards located across Japan and supply high quality material to domestic and overseas stainless steel producers. As well as shipment by containers, we can ship materials by bulk vessels due to our large collection volume.

    • Stainless Steel Scrap 01
  • E-scrap

    Printed circuit boards in e-waste such as computers, electronic appliances and mobile phones contains valuable metals such as copper, gold, silver and palladium. These precious metals can be recovered through copper refining processes such as smelting and electrolysis.

    We collect e-waste from the so called “Urban Mine” from domestic and overseas recyclers and, in cooperation with our group company Econecol, collect and process small domestic appliances and incinerated waste from local municipalities. These materials are then sorted into various fractions using our group’s segregation technology and redistributed to our customers.

    • E-Scrap 01


    • Incinerated Ash 01

      Incinerated Ash


We handle bio-mass fuels as a new future energy source in order to realize a low carbon emission society. PKS (Palm Kernel Shell) and Wood Pellets have received lots of attention recently as a fuel energy source for Bio-mass power plants.
We collect PKS from Malaysia and Indonesia and also handle high quality wood pellets from South East Asia to create a consistent supply system to Bio-mass power plants across the globe.

  • PKS (Palm Kernel Shell)

    PKS is a shell from the seed of the palm tree. It is a residual waste product of agricultural crops generated during production process of palm oil. Calorific values are very high at the time of combustion and it is popular for biomass fuel nowadays. We have a collection yard in Malaysia and Indonesia where impurities are removed and moisture levels are properly managed. We are able to match the quality requirements from our customers along with a stable supply.

    • PKS01
    • PKS02
  • Wood Pellets

    Wood pellets are fuel tablets generated from forest thinning and sawdust which have been compressed and molded in chimney-type 6-8mm diameter pellets. They are utilized as bio-mass fuel for power plants but also used in pellet stoves in houses and public accommodation. We have a good partnership with wood pellet producers in Vietnam and Thailand which enables us to supply high quality materials to customers.

    • Wood Pellets 01
    • Wood Pellets 02


  • Used Paper

    Waste paper is collected through recyclers in Japan and sold to local paper manufacturers. In addition, almost 300,000 tons per month of surplus paper is exported overseas in containers. Exported used paper is also recycled at overseas paper manufacturers and is used to make new paper products.

    • Used Paper 01
    • Used Paper 02
  • Used Clothes

    Second hand clothing distributed and collected in Japan is popular overseas because of their high quality, cleanliness and sturdiness. Used clothing is collected across Japan and shipped by containers to mainly South East Asia and re-sorted and distributed again as second hand clothing.

    • Used Clothes 01
    • Used Clothes 02
  • Plastics

    Plastic resources generated in Japan have been returned to their raw material state by crushing and segregating. They are then shipped to domestic / overseas for the purpose of material recycling.
    We have a good partnership with suppliers and consumers in domestic / overseas and handle various types of plastics.

    • Plastics 01
    • RPF(Refuse Paper & Plastic Fuel)

      RPF(Refuse Paper & Plastic Fuel)

  • Consumer goods

    We distribute various consumer goods such as cosmetic products, sanitary items
    and Japanese apparel products.

  • Used Aircraft

    Reusing and recycling of aircrafts is receiving a lot of attention recently in the USA and Europe. We are actively working with our group company Econecol in the reuse and recycle business of domestic and international retired aircrafts.

    • Aircraft Liquidation 01
    • Aircraft Liquidation 02
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